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50 Cent - Planet 50 - текст песни, видео

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50 Cent - Planet 50 - текст песни, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
If he's your number one and he's your everything
 why wont you pick up the phone when i call girl talk to me
you know you wanna play with a nigga 
ill fly you out to spend a day with a nigga first flight first seat in 
first class first paiges epis first birkin bag im straight king
so you'll be fit for a king
 so when we step out on the scene its Alexander McQueen
 this is a ghetto fairy tale ill be your knight in shining armor 
in retro Jordans Gazelles and a leather bomber
 bright lights city lights if i show you around new york a bit 
from hot dogs and pretzels to the expensive shit
girl we can shop to my nick name sets
 fifth Madison ain't my friend
baby i stack chips, smile, my cellphone
 to capture the moment when your emotions start to shift
 imma just shoot that over
 your brown eyes them chocolate thighs
 make wanna sing good lord is this Adam and Eve happening again?
You can get it all day all night twist it up get right
let me know if your with it Cush in my hood so good 
roll it up backward, 
cant wait to let you in it, now your in my world, now your in my world!

planet (planet) 50 (50)
listen shorty this is my forplay without the touching
 you can say its my fourtay i feel you coming 
mind sex i make you wanna take your clothes
off yep twenty twenty go babans i'm feeling that consent
i want the best now can you be the best for me 
can my vision and your ambition make perfect recipe
lets take a walk on the wild side 
and chat till your body language says 
boy come get this cat on my mind ten times
 I've done took off your clothes off your
 thinking what im thinking let me know its a go
i'm a gambling man talking about life not dicing and I 
look in your eye says its going down tonight 
you can show me what you're into as i get into
kissing licking switching positions
acting like a nympho round after round 
ill show you how i put it down jet set mile high club in the clouds
You can get it all day all night twist it up get right 
let me know if you're with it Cush in my hood 
so good roll it up backward, now you're in my world
now you're in my world! planet (planet) 50 (50
Добавлено: 01.08.2013
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