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5 Seconds Of Summer - Heartache On The Big Screen Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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5 Seconds Of Summer - Heartache On The Big Screen Live - аккорды и текст, видео

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Heartache On The Big Screen Live
5 Seconds Of Summer
-= Heartache on the Big Screen (LiveSOS) =-

*does not include the fancy intro only the regular one*
*if you want to play along to the studio version, move everything up a half step*
*use powerchords*
*sounds best on electric guitar*
*when it says 'E' basically just strum the top three strings (thicker ones) open string*
*in intro slide from each note it sounds better that way*
*asterisk by a chord means one intense downstroke*
*in chorus in between chords, just strum while blocking all the strings to make the 'chk' sound*


A|--55-----/9-9-9-7-5----9-9-9-10-9----9-9-9-7-5-7-2-5-4-5-------------------|  x2

Verse: (palm - muted)
              D D D         D D D    
Started out like in the movies
         F# F# F#                       
But it ended 
             G G G        
like a bad dream
            D D D                 D D D      
Curtain opened, heard the crowd roar
                F# F# F#                     
This one's a repeat, 
           G G G   
seen it before

B   G           D                                     
  Rewind to the start before it all went wrong
B        G     D                          
  What's going on?
B      G              D                     G        
  Fast forward to the end, after everyone's gone home
                         A  D D     (
Добавлено: 21.06.2015
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